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The Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the Airline industry, dramatically reducing ticket and new aircraft sales. To compound the pain, the number of litigation claims against them for Aerotoxic Syndrome has increased even further, and to add to its woes the Specialist Class Action legal firms on both sides of the Atlantic are circling. These […]

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A 2nd Round £600K EIS Raise with HMRC Advanced Assurance Still Open

The first ADS sensor prototype development has progressed very well through the last few months. Independent validation of the sensor by The National Physical Laboratory is imminent, pending NPL personnel availability during the current Pandemic workplace restrictions, and final design of the mass manufactured model will follow after extensive field-testing over the next few months.

The technology is now looking highly-viable […]

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BBC Sounds The Aerotoxic Alarm

In part 2 of this edition of BBC Sounds, Mike Powell brings you the latest, exclusive update of an ongoing aviation industry problem that won’t go away. Pilots, crew and now passengers allege the air we breathe on board aircraft can do us harm. Mike hears from people who’ve lost their jobs or been involved in emergencies. […]

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Boeing Faces US Legal Action

Boeing knows that its airplane cabins can become filled with toxic air, but refuses to do anything about it, four flight attendants claim in court. Vanessa Woods, Faye Oskardottir, Darlene Ramirez and Karen Neben, along with her husband Nathan, sued Boeing in Cook County after becoming sick while working a flight on one of its […]

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British Airways pilot forced to make Mayday call and scramble for oxygen mask minutes before landing

EWAN SOMERVILLE The Evening Standard 20 hours ago

A British Airways captain was forced to make a Mayday call just minutes before landing after fumes reportedly filled the cockpit.

The flight from Athens was on the approach to Heathrow when the co-pilot steering the plane fell ill, forcing the captain to take over and put on an oxygen […]

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Another British Airways flight makes emergency landing after smoke engulfs cabin

Photos: Lucy Brown (Passenger on the flight).

On the 5thAugust 2019) at 3.27pm, a British Airways Airbus A321 took off from London Heathrow for Valencia (Spain). The aircraft was carrying many holidaymakers, including young children. Smoke developed in the cabin (from the air conditioning onboard – which is supplied by Bleed-Air from the aircraft engines) 10 […]

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‘Aircraft Cabin Air Litigation’ Soon to Take-Off

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Family of dead pilot in legal battle against BA over ‘polluted’ cabin TRISTAN KIRK Monday 8 April 2019 10:32

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Pilots and cabin crew from five airlines including BA and easyJet launch court battle to ban toxic air from flights over fears of brain damage and long-term health risks

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UK airlines face legal action from air staff for exposure to “aerotoxic syndrome” Friday, March 29th 2019 – 09:11 UTC

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