We are an experienced and entrepreneurial team who choose to work in partnership with other entrepreneurs.

  • We are international and multi-disciplinary
  • We offer vision, imagination and a global network of technical and commercial contacts
  • With a deep understanding of the technologies we invest in, we have the insight to see how a new solution can exploit a technological advantage to expand an existing market or create a new one
  • We have the operational experience to help inventors, scientists and engineers alike to make their vision a reality, and develop fast-growing companies whilst avoiding commercial pitfalls
  • We have a track record of successfully raising funds for  investment in renewable energy technologies and meeting investor milestones whilst  developing that technology  into a profitable commercial proposition
  • We offer a partnership based upon far more than just capital.
David Newman
David NewmanDirector
Mark Gilmore
Mark GilmoreDirector
Prof. J.J. Ramsden
Prof. J.J. Ramsden